The GoFlight Interface Tool (GIT) and the relevant Flight Simulator software both need to run as Administrator for the iFly support to work. The GIT Setup program configures GIT to run with administrator rights, but your flight simulator software may need to be configured by you as necessary.

GoFlight's driver software has built in support for the iFly 737/747 but only for the MCP PRO, MCP and EFIS. Other modules such as the GF166 and LGT will also work as the aircraft is Simconnect compliant in many areas.

The GoFlight Interface Tool from version has inbuilt pre-configured support for the MCP PRO, MCP, EFIS (Pilot and Co-pilot), MESM (737 only), LGT/LGT II, GF45/GF46 and the TQ6 (buttons only). The SECM can also be pre-configured by clicking the "PMDG/iFly" button on the SECM tab and most of the switches will be setup automatically. The GF166 can be pre-configured with COM, NAV or ADF by clicking the relevant button on the GF166 tab.

There is obviously a clash between GoFlight's own drivers and the GoFlight Interface Tool and decisions need to be made on what software is going to drive which piece of GoFlight hardware. GoFlights drivers and the GoFlight Interface Tool will happily co-exist so hardware can be "split" across both software products if required.

It is therefore very important that a GoFlight hardware device enabled in the GoFlight Interface Tool isn't also enabled/configured in GoFlights drivers (GFConfig) as this will cause erratic behaviour.

The recommendation is to setup and save a config in GFConfig specifically for when you use the iFly aircraft.

If the GoFlight Interface Tool will be the only product driving the GoFlight hardware, ensure where possible that in GFConfig, Compatible Add-on is chosen for the MCP PRO/EFIS and FS Default is chosen for the MCP Advanced. All other devices should have no settings configured.

If you plan to use GoFlights drivers as well as the GoFlight Interface Tool, do not enable the relevant devices in the GoFlight Interface Tool and configure GFConfig as necessary, remembering to set Compatiable Add-on/FS Default when needed.

Please note that the EFIS is disabled in the GoFlight Interface Tool via drop down where Pilot/Co-Pilot is listed - the normal Enabled/Disabled drop down will always reset to Enabled.

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