Version 2.5 and above:

  1. Get FS into Sim Mode (Aircraft loaded and the cockpit visible) so that the Import Wizard button is enabled.
  2. Download the zipped configuration file for the aircraft concerned.
  3. Click the Import Wizard button.
  4. Click the "..." button and select the downloaded zip file.
  5. The available device configurations from the file will be identified and become enabled on the Import Wizard screen.
  6. Tick which device configurations you wish to load.
  7. Determine if you wish to delete any existing Bespoke Events for the aircraft (it is recommended unless you have made some yourself).
  8. Click the Import button which will now:
    1. Set the aircraft short name.
    2. Delete any existing Bespoke Events if selected.
    3. Import the aircrafts Bespoke Events.
    4. For each selected device - any existing configuration will be deleted, a new one imported and the device enabled.
    5. The settings will be saved and the software restarted.
  9. If you receive any error messages during the Import process, it may be that the version of the aircraft you are using is different to the version the configuration files were designed for. You will need to check with the author via the forum.

Older versions:

The steps to follow are:

  1. Access Detective with the aircraft concerned loaded and the Virtual Cockpit visible and then click the Import button in Detective and load the xml file that is simply the aircrafts name. This will load all bespoke events contained in the file.
  2. Device specific configurations may have been made available. If xml files exist that consist of the aircraft name followed by the device name, these can be imported on the relevant device tab so they are automatically configured.
  3. You may manually configure other devices using lvar variables and bespoke events once step 1 has been completed.

E.g. For the Airbus A320:

Go to Detective and Import the bespoke events. The file to load is Aerosoft Airbus A320 IAE.xml.

Then go to the EFIS and MCP PRO tabs and import the files Aerosoft Airbus A320 IAE_GFEFIS.xml and Aerosoft Airbus A320 IAE_GFMCPPRO.xml respectively which will configure those specific devices.

Once you have loaded the bespoke events in Detective, you can also select other Goflight devices and manually configure those using lvar variables and bespoke events created by Rob.

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