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ZIBO Mod issues. MCP Pro lights are dim & IAS Rotary overshoots

I downloaded the ZIBO Mod from the website. There were some issues with it that able to correct, like having to hold the buttons for a second or two before the would show. However, there are two issues that I'm not able figure out how to fix.

First, the MCP Pro digits are dim, much more so that in other X-Plane mods. Is there a way to use GIT to make the LEDs normal intensity?

Second, rotating the IAS Rotary knob causes the IAS value to overshoot, sometimes significantly. I can't figure out how to slow the digit rate to normal. It is much faster than the heading knob, CDI, or altitude knobs.


Rich Boll


  • Firstly, have you downloaded a profile for the 737 or are you making one yourself? Secondly, I have been able to adjust the speed at which the rotaries move, but I've not been successful in changing them for zibo mod. Lastly, check this image out. Here is your brightness for the mcp. It's also in the GIT, but I didn't have anything open at the time of writing this response. You can open your xml file and do a quick check. I think the most it will accept is 16, but don't quote me. All of my devices are at 8.

    Hope some of this info helps you out.

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