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Very Nasty Looking Error GTiF Imeediately crashes with Application Halted Error P3DV5 HF2

Application Halted Error

The invocation of the constructor on type ‘A.WM’ that matches the specified binding contraints threw an exception.

running GoFlightInterfaceToolP3Dv464Bit_Setup_3_8_0_0

GFiT crashes immediately with above the error message only the start of the error see attached file for full error message.

Tried clean install - same error

Tried moving documents GTiF folder in case it was something corrupt in config file but got same error

Hppens both with or without simulator





  • edited July 7
    Try deleting C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\PollyPot_Software
  • Many thanks, that solved main CTD but noticed settings.xml was completely corrupted, had to restore it from a backup.

    All seem well now



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