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GIT crashed after Start P3Dv5

Hello, I need help Git 3.8.0 crashed after start : GoFlight Worker Thread failed.

08:01:17 GoFlight Connection Starting.....
08:01:17 SimConnect Connection Starting.....
08:01:17 SimConnect Message Processing Started
08:01:17 GoFlight Worker Thread Failed: Die Eingabezeichenfolge hat das falsche Format.
08:01:17 SimConnect Connection Started
08:01:17 Aircraft Connection Starting.....
08:01:18 PMDG SDK option is OK in Prepar3D v5
08:01:18 SimConnect: Event Received: Aircraft Type Changed
08:01:18 SimConnect: Event Received: SIM, 1
08:01:18 SimConnect: Event Received: PAUSE, 0
08:01:18 SimConnect Message Processing Finished
08:01:18 SimConnect Connection Starting.....
08:01:19 SimConnect Message Processing Started
08:01:20 SimConnect Connection Started
08:01:20 Aircraft Connection Starting.....
08:01:20 SimConnect: Event Received: Aircraft Loaded/Flight Loaded
08:01:20 SimConnect: Event Received: SIM, 1
08:01:20 SimConnect: Event Received: PAUSE, 0
08:01:23 WinSock: Connected To localhost On Port 27015!
08:01:23 LUA Processor: Started!

Thanks for help.


  • And I run into the next Problems with the outdated (but actual 2.28.0-2) GoFlight Driver it caused BSOD in Win10pro, I have tested the driver now with the Windows PowerSheel Console and on every stress test the PC crashed.
  • I have GIT version and it works great in P3Dv4 but not in P3Dv5. in v5 I have no IAS/MACH indication and the led's are off. The dials I can rotate and in rotates in the cockpit but not on the MCP. Should I download the latest version ?? (which is ?)

  • If the GoFlight drivers are crashing, then something is up with your PC/Windows Config. GIT relies on the GoFlight drivers working OK. They work fine on my Windows 10 Pro PC.

    Best wishes
  • Solved ! Sorry.
  • Hello Steve, thanks for the replay.

    Can this is an issue with the Win10 admin rights ?
  • Not sure, but the GoFlight software does need to run with admin rights.
  • edited July 9
    Hello Steve, I m looking deeper in that last night and found something strange.
    Looking inside the GoFlight CFG there are not all Module listet but when I am open the GF Config with Admin rights there are all there.
    So now I have copy a GF CFG from my P3Dv4 NAS Backup for a test into it and volar it runs :smiley: but NO Numbers on the MCP with PMDG NGXu -> next step copy again from the Backup the GIT Settings and Test Again.

    After a PC Restart it is broken again.

    Any Ideas ?

    Thank you Steve again for Support on that piece of Soft and Hardwae.
  • See the FAQ entry titled "My MCP PRO or MCP Advanced is not updating its display (just showing zeroes or dashes)" here: https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/support/user-guide/user-guide-git/16-installation/70-faq-goflight-interface-tool.html
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