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Wierd issue with Auto Throttle in iFly 747

Can anyone help me to troubleshoot the strangest issue:

Everything is working as it should on the Goflight MCP Pro and EFIS devices. All switches are responsive and displays are updating smootly with just one exception:

When AutoThrottle is flipped up, it initally responds as it should do with the up switch correctly reflected on the iFly panel.
When AutoThrottle is flipped down, it does not respond at all.
When AutoThrottle is flipped up again, it responds with a downward switch on the iFly panel.

So essentially, the Up switch action is just toggling from what ever state it is already in.
Down switch does nothing - well ALMOST nothing:
When the switch is flipped down, there is no visible response but there is a "click click click" audio response.
I don't know what action this represents but it happens every time.

I thought it might be a actual hardware problem with the physical switch but PMDG 747 works exactly as it should and the GoFlight testing tool also shows nothing wrong and reflects Up-Down actions as they should.

I even disabled FSUIPC in case that was running some other script but it made no differnce.

Who can help?
Is something running somewhere that overrides the GFIT?


  • I have just checked the config and it uses these events:


    Try assigning the disengage event to a some other hardware and see if the same behaviour occurs.

    Best wishes
  • Thanks Steve. I think you are on the right track as it does seem that TOGA is being triggered by the down A/T switch.

    I did as you suggested and assigned AT disengage to a P8 button. I also assigned AT_ARM_ON and ARM_OFF to P8 buttons,
    These worked as expected but did not change the behaviour of the MCP Pro. It still toggles AT on the up switch and triggers TOGA on the down.
  • For some reason, I thought you were referring to a TQ6! LOL.

    The MCP PRO uses these on the AT ARM switch:


    So I think the right commands are assigned.

    Best wishes
    Pollypot Software
  • OK Thanks.
    But the problem is still there.

    I'm not sure if something got corrupted but is there any config files I can edit or replace?

  • Troubleshooting a bit more tonight:

    I noticed that there are 4 Autothrottle events:


    To experiment, I assigned all four to P8 buttons and found the following associated actions:

    Toggles A/T ARM from it's previous state.
    Switches A/T ARM to OFF. Does nothing if already off.
    Switches A/T ARM to ARM. Does nothing if already on.
    This pushes the "Autothrottle Disconnect Switch"(es). These are a pair of switches on the throttle quadrant which (obviously!) disconnect autothrottle but does not affect the ARM/OFF status on the MCP. This is an entirely different function from the A/T ARM switch on the MCP

    So, I think there might be an incorrect assignment after all.
    The correct assignments should be:

    What do you think?
  • Ok. I'll change it.

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