11th September: A new version of the GoFlight Interface Tool for FS2020 is now available. THIS IS A VERY BASIC VERSION WITH LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY. IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.
29th April: A new version of the GoFlight Interface Tool for X-Plane is now available (
18th April: A new version of the GoFlight Interface Tool for P3Dv4 ( is now available.
2nd August: A new version of the Engravity CDU PMDG Interface ( is now available. For P3Dv4 64Bit only.
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Development Plan - GoFlight Interface Tool X-Plane

Below are the development plans for the X-Plane version of the GoFlight Interface Tool. If you would like additional features added, please post your idea on the forum and if suitable I will add it to the list below.

  1. X-Plane specific user guide. Completed!
  2. Separate the BespokeEvents.xml and BespokeVariables.xml from the GIT for FSX/SE/Prepar3D version. Completed in 1.3
  3. Add FS Default button for automatic EFIS configuration. Completed in 1.3
  4. Add feature to blank displays at certain variable values. Completed in 1.3
  5. Add an exponential mapping of commands to the "rotate" event action to improve the speed of rotaries. Completed in 1.3
  6. Add an IAS_MACH_BLANK light action. Completed in 1.5
  7. Joystick support.
  8. Leo Bodnar Button Box support.
  9. Add ability to switch on GoFlight devices based on Avionics power state. Added in
  10. Add HOLD button support on the GF166.
  11. Add a Task that can auto increment/decrement between two values e.g. 0 to 359.
  12. Add some sort of indication in Detective to identify read only datarefs

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