11th September: A new version of the GoFlight Interface Tool for FS2020 is now available. THIS IS A VERY BASIC VERSION WITH LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY. IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.
29th April: A new version of the GoFlight Interface Tool for X-Plane is now available (
18th April: A new version of the GoFlight Interface Tool for P3Dv4 ( is now available.
2nd August: A new version of the Engravity CDU PMDG Interface ( is now available. For P3Dv4 64Bit only.
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Development Plan - GoFlight Interface Tool

  1. Bespoke variables. Added in 2.0.697.0
  2. Clear function on each tab to wipe settings. Added in 2.0.383.0
  3. Default FS function for MCPPRO and MCP to assign default simconnect events and variables. Added in 2.0.301.0
  4. Add an if..else function to Bespoke Events. Cancelled as un-necessary.
  5. GF166 Support.  Added in 2.0.327.0
  6. Support for Axis - any device but initially for the TQ6.  Support added in 2.0.491.0 & 2.0.536.0
  7. GF-TPM Support. Added in 
  8. GF-SECM Support. Added in 2.0.1003.0
  9. Messaging for GF46. Added in  / XP 1.4
  10. Full simconnect support for the PMDG NGX. Support added in 2.0.823.0
  11. Support for the PMDG 777. Added in
  12. Memory offset support. Added in
  13. Facility to execute long running Bespoke Events in the background.  Added in 2.0.345.0
  14. Round function for displays to round the values up. Added in
  15. Turn off all displays and LED's when power cut from aircraft. Added in 2.0.947.0
  16. Ability to change brightness of Goflight devices. Support added in 2.0.823.0
  17. Show gear in transit lights on the LGT/LGTII. Done.
  18. Add all door support to NGX. Support added in 2.0.823.0
  19. Support for readable and editable xml settings file. Added in 2.0.588.0
  20. Simconnect variable support in Bespoke Events. Added in 2.0.632.0
  21. Add support for the Leo Bonar Button Box Interface BBI-32. Added in
  22. Add support for push and rotate. Added in  / XP 1.4
  23. iFly 737/747 support. Added in
  24. Add press time for SendKey tasks. Added in 
  25. Enable Bespoke Events to call other Bespoke Events. Added in
  26. Enabling joystick support to be limited to each individual aircraft. Added in
  27. Add support for Off and Hold on joystick buttons. Added in
  28. Add support to specify the button repeat time. Added in  / XP 1.4
  29. Add GF166 export/import function. Added in / XP 1.4
  30. PMDG 747 v2 Support. Added in 2.747.0.0
  31. Add exactly the same functions available in GFConfig for the GF46. Added in 
  32. Implement acceleration algorithm for Bespoke Events/Mouse Click Events. Added in 
  33. Add ability to switch on GoFlight devices based on Avionics power state. Added in
  34. Add Bespoke Event to allow for comments/remarks. Added in
  35. Add search facility for events and variables. Added in
  36. Add some Detective functionality for PMDG and iFly aircraft. Use GIT Lua scripts instead of Detective.
  37. Check/enable reverse throttle functionality for GA aircraft such as the Duke.
  38. Investigate use of voice commands to control GoFlight hardware when using Virtual Reality.
  39. Facility to print out config details for each device.
  40. Add Arduino board support.
  41. As an alternative method to display blanking have a 3rd option to use "--------" Like the Airbus displays
  42. Add facility for creating virtual GF Devices.
  43. Associate Simconnect Event ID's to Bespoke Events so voice control in P3D v4 can activate them.
  44. Attempt to add missing functionality to FS2020 version, because MS took a sledge hammer to the SDK! :-[
  45. Add facility to stop auto configuration for PMDG aircraft on the LGT/LGT II.

Please add development requests in this forum and if suitable, I will add them to the development plan.

Best wishes


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