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GIT. gfdev.dll problem

Hello. I have an MCP, no PRO. I have FSX SE on my computer. I have a problem with GIT. The latest installer of the program does not install gfdev.dll, and the device does not work, and the program writes that it cannot find this file. The program connects to FSX SE, but hangs when the simulator is running. I tried to install the version for Prepar3D and this file is there, and the panel works fine, but for obvious reasons it does not work with my sim. In versions for FSX SE, FSX when installing NO gfdev.dll and my system and the program does not work. Please help solve this problem.

Win 10 X64


  • Hi,

    It never did. The dll comes from the GoFlight drivers. Either install GIT into the GoFlight drivers directory or copy the file from the GoFlight drivers directory into GIT's program directory.

    Best wishes
  • edited August 7
    Where can I download the driver for it? After purchasing on the site, only GIT.
    It turns out that the driver does not come with the GIT. Where can I download it?
  • admin_pps said:

    There's a link to the GoFlight Interface Tool. And I downloaded it. But the version for FSX does not have a device driver ... I don't understand how and where to get gfdev.dll. This file is not installed with the GoFlight Interface Tool, and there is no other link to it. What am I doing wrong?
  • edited August 8
    Click the link under:

    This is a free user interface for mating GoFlight hardware with flight simulator software.

    Looks like they stopped calling their software drivers.

    Best wishes
  • Thank. I'll try.
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